M.F.A. Degree Program in Television Production

Program Description

The MFA in Television Production provides students with the theoretical and practical background needed to become writers, directors and producers across platforms: from the established media industry to evolving movement of independent television. We encourage our students to tell their own stories, develop their own audiences and to build their own networks. The Program explores the larger social and cultural contexts which frame creative endeavors and emphasize critical analysis of media and history of visual storytelling. Our multi faceted curriculum exposes students to a wide range of existing genres of fiction and nonfiction storytelling as well as introduces them to new and evolving forms, such as virtual and transmedia storytelling.

For all information and advisement contact:
Miguel Macias

Graduate Deputy Chair





Selected Courses (50 credits)

    • Research, Development & Scriptwriting I

  • Cinematography and Production Design

  • Post Production: Theory and Practice

  • Multi-Camera: Directing and Producing

  • Documentary Proposal and Scriptwriting II

  • Single Camera: Advanced Directing and Producin

  • Advanced Multi-Camera Production II

  • MFA Single Camera Project: Production

  • Sound Recording & Design

  • Advanced Multi-Camera Production II

  • MFA Single Camera Project: Post-Production

  • Elective I

  • Elective II