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Program Description

PIMA is a two-year (four-semester) course of study including theoretical, technical, and practical experience producing multidisciplinary artworks presented in a variety of performance settings.

PIMA includes practitioners in theater, visual arts, music, dance, computer programming, dramaturgy, puppetry, robotics, and various experimental forms. PIMA is above all collaborative. Throughout the course of study, projects are undertaken collaboratively, moving from small groups within the PIMA cohort to participants outside the program, including a semester-long community-based project

The majority of the required courses are team taught by faculty from more than one of PIMA’s contributing academic departments. The PIMA MFA culminates in a collaboratively produced thesis project: a live performance incorporating technology realized in an off-campus setting.

PIMA incoming students often have significant professional experience and are seeking to expand their skills in technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, and pedagogy. PIMA students have included internationally recognized performance artists, visual artists, musicians, dancers, and programmers, ranging from a Broadway director and members of the Blue Man Group to thriving practitioners in emerging fields.

PIMA alumni have gone on to teach in full-time positions, often to develop new programs in media/performance; work with theater and performance companies and venues, including the Wooster Group, the Builders Association, Big Art Group, PS 122, HERE, and 3-Legged Dog; work as curators, visual artists, directors, writers, and performers presenting their work at such organizations as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Under the Radar at the Public Theater, and the Philadelphia International Arts Festival, among many others.

For all information and advisement. please contact:
Director: Helen Richardson at HelenR@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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  • Students must complete 46 credits of approved graduate level work including PIMA courses and electives in the departments of Visual Art, Television and Radio, Conservatory Music and the Performing Arts.